Thursday, July 15, 2010


Here is my next installation in the Taj and Toby series, FrEAKy FriDaY.
It has been featured on the wesbite as 'New and Noted' and it's even been 'hearted'.
And more importantly, the kids laughed at every page.
I'm reliving the glory days of receiving the Fourth Grade Book prize.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Couch surfing

So, if you read the story on the last post, this is what couch surfing looks like.

(I've just converted it to a smaller size file and uploaded again.. you may still need to pause it while it loads and go make a cup of tea.)

Saturday, July 10, 2010


Ok, here I am!
I got all enthused about blogging last week when (a) I enjoyed my friend Coo's blog so much, (b) I felt like I was finally hitting the new millenium when I ordered an iphone, and (c) I finally made a decision between tweeting, fb status updating or blogging.

I tend to start a lot of things with enthusiasm so we'll wait and see whether there are more blogs to come.. Since jumping in last week it's taken me a bit to get started because (a) I was a bit intimidated by my friend Coo's blog, (b) I suddenly felt like a bit of a luddite trying to work it all out, and (c) as ever, I got distracted with other things (to start).

If I attempt to complete a proper blog with a comprehensive plot line it will never happen. Instead I will write to my one to two mum friends that actually follow blogs, and maybe use it as a way of updating the rellies on stuff the kidlets are doing. Although I apologise now to all the teachers amongst the family for my problem with grammer. Especially apostrophes. Grrrr. My mother-in-law tells me it's just a sign of the times in which I was schooled, where they were all a bit hippie about English. But I think she's just being nice.

So one of the other things I got distracted with (besides my new iphone which after 2 years of being aloof about I am admitttedly obsessed with) was this new site Storybird recommended by Maxabella Loves. I've just used the gorgeous artwork there to pen my first story since about 4th grade (which was actually a book of poems.. about how to be safe.. oh dear).

It also has no plot but the pictures are nice. It's called A Winter Holiday.